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Time to build your dream Wyresdale Wedding…

We are always just a phone call away but we have put together this handy checklist to give you some helpful hints and tips when it comes to planning your dream wedding. Taking you from securing your date with us right up until your big day, we have outlined the most common tasks at each stage of your wedding journey!

First things first…

Decide your Guest List

The 2nd most important part of the day (other than the marriage itself) is coming together with all your friends and family for a great big celebration. Decide on who you are going to invite; remember not all will be able to make it, but putting feelers out will allow you to get an idea of final numbers.

Arrange Wedding Insurance

A wedding is perhaps one of the most expensive “purchases” and as with your home and car you need to invest in some wedding insurance. Before selecting make sure you read all your options through thoroughly – making sure it covers all your costs.

Book a Registrar / Church

The most crucial part; we need to get you married. Whether it be at a church or here in our beautiful ceremony barn. One of the first things you need to do after securing your date is book your registrar or church. Commonly couples book their registrar through the Lancashire County Council 0300 1236705 and it is now possible to book 3 years in advance!

Book your Additional Wyresdale Accommodation

Shortly after confirming your wedding date, we will be in touch to outline the extra on-site accommodation that you can add onto your booking. 

Select your Food & Drink

We work with The Striped Kitchen, for food. But you have to contact them yourself and ensure that these are booked for your wedding date. Pay their deposits directly to them – and you can also start to think about the finer details; toasting drinks and menu options. Our bar team will be in touch to discuss drinks packages. 

Hire your Photographer / Videographer

We have several amazing photographers and videographers that work with us and these can all be found on our suppliers page. Get researching though and find the right match for you. We have incredible photo opportunities come rain, shine or snow. But it is always best for your chosen photographer to come up and take a look at the venue before your big day

Hire a DJ / Band

Bands and Entertainment are always booked up in advance, and if you have one in mind that you have dreamt to have at your wedding day – we suggest you secure the date with them as soon as you have your date.

Appoint your Wedding Party

From bridesmaids to groomsmen. This tribe of loyal and wonderful friends and family will be your guardian angels on the day. Get creative and think of a lovely way to ask them and then you can begin to delegate jobs out to them, think about outfits and go shopping and sourcing with them.  

Book your Florist

Our onsite florist doesn’t exclusively work for Wyresdale Weddings so it is really important to get the date in Gemma’s diary! Of course, you can out source your flowers and decor… but remember they all get booked up fast!

Book your Accommodation

Some local accommodation have limited rooms and these get booked up (especially in school holidays) months in advance. So we always think it is worth getting these booked for your nearest and dearest. Again all the local accommodation can be found on our supplier page. 

Go Dress Shopping!

Dresses and Suits! One of the most exciting parts of the planning… dresses especially can take a while to come from when you order and then the boutique will need time to alter and fit to you – so begin to look sooner rather than later… and stay open minded, you may find something you didn’t necessarily think would be the dress for you. 

12 months to go…

Send out your Save the Dates

You can get some beautiful “Save the Date” cards to send out – this will then begin to give you an idea of numbers and allow friends and family to get the date in the diary. Don’t worry about providing too many details, just the date and venue is enough at the moment.

Book your Hair & Makeup

Our spa LOFT (right next to the wedding barns) work exclusively with us; although they won’t be doing hair and makeup at any other venue, the spa can get booked up with members of the public. We suggest to make contact with them on and get your name in the diary. They specialise in hair and makeup on the day but have lots of great services they can offer you before, during and after your big day. 

Arrange your Carriages / Transport

You may not need to book transport if you are having your ceremony with us. But you may need to think about guests the eve of your wedding, some couples put coaches on for them or pre arrange taxis. 

If you are getting married at a church and need to get to and from you will have to book this in early so you ensure your carriages are at a time that works for you.

Dress your Wedding Party

Bridesmaid dress and suits can take a little while to find the perfect style and colour, you may decide to allow your bridesmaids to choose their own, again with potential alterations we suggest to start looking now.

Book your Wedding Cake Maker

We see many styles of cake, from traditional tiered wedding cakes to some couples going for a quirky “cheese” cake. Others do a “bake off” and get their guests to bake for them. The couple choosing the winning cake… Mary Berry style! Don’t forget to bring along a cake knife for on the day!

Plan your Venue Decor

The barns look beautiful kept simple! So don’t feel overwhelmed by how much you may need to think about. Flowers and foliage can sometimes be enough, other couples go more to town (depending on how creative you are feeling). Try to think about reusable items such as the flower arrangement that goes on the alter can be reused on the top table later on and floral arrangments used in the ceremony barn can be dotted in the other barns for the evening. Pinterest has a plethora of ideas for all styles of wedding. Your florist will also be a great source of help and imaginiation too.  

Plan / Book your Honeymoon

Depending on when you are thinking are going away for your honeymoon, you may need to book this now! You generally won’t have to pay in full on booking, but atleast this gives you a chance to break down the payments.

6 months to go…

Plan your Ceremony Details & Timings

With 6 months to go you will have to start thinking about the finer details of your day (we are here to help you with this) ceremonies usually start anywhere between the times of 12.30pm and 2.30pm the rest of the day will follow on from there. Remember to let your suppliers know, but don’t worry as they will also be in touch to ask you!

Wedding Dress Fitting

By now your ordered dress should have arrived. The boutique will arrange for you to come in and be fitted. The dress will usually need to be altered so its a perfect fit. They will then keep you up to date with how it is all going (and may need you to come in for a 2nd/3rd fitting) they will then let you know when it arrives for you to collect.

Book your Spa Treatments

You may already have booked your hair and makeup services with our onsite spa, but they are also famed for their relaxing pamper packages, massages and facials. Which are perfect to book the day before or even the day after the wedding before you head off home.

Go Wedding Ring Shopping

We have the wonderful advantage of having an onsite jewellers. Here you can even design and make your own wedding bands. Contact for more information. If you don’t go with Rachel you will need to look to buy these now as they may need altering in time for your big day.

Choose your Bridal Accessories

This maybe sourced from your bridal shop or you might shop elsewhere for your shoes, veils and other accessories. It may also be nice to borrow or use vintage family items.

Plan / Book your Hen & Stag

Hen and stag dos that take place abroad may need to be booked and planned earlier but if you are thinking of a UK party now is the time to get a plan in place. Or get your hens and stags planning and prepping!

3 months to go…

Send out your Formal Invitations

It’s time to send out your official invite. These will have all the information about expected guest arrival time, venue, dress code (if you have one), accommodation options and all that is in between. 

Decide your Seating Plan

When you receive your RSVPs it is time to start to work out where everyone is going to sit and then get creative with your seating plan, which will stand for guests to read as they enter the White Barn. Ask us for layout options to make this easier for you!

Other Bits & Bobs...

It is up to you how many extra little bits you would like to add to your big day; but they say the devil is in the detail! So now is time to think about favours (for the table) wedding party gifts (for those whom you hold close and have helped you on the run up to the big day), wedding signs (some couples like to do handmade signs around the venue to point guests in the right direction) and games. 

There are so many ideas and inspiration on our Facebook and Instagram pages for lots of lovely little bits our other couples did on their special days.

2 months to go…

Make Final Payments to Suppliers

There is usually a lull in the middle of planning from when you book to your big day. You may just be coming out of said lull; and it is time to get back to organising all those final bits. Oh! and paying off balances which will now be due. We will send you your final invoice around this time.

We can imagine you will be getting lots of final bills from other suppliers too (atleast when they are all paid, you can relax and enjoy the final few weeks before your big day).

Confirm Running Order of the Big Day

We will also be asking you around this time a confirmation of the running order of your day. From when you would like your ceremony to begin, to drinks reception, wedding breakfast and evening party! We will guide you with this when it comes to the time of planning. 

1 month to go…

Book any Remaining Beauty & Barber Appointments

Now will be the time to get booked those hair trims, beard grooms, waxing, nails, facials and everything in between. 

Also a lovely idea to go shopping for a lipstick and/or perfume you will use on the day. Little details like this stay with you and remind you forever of your special day.

DIY Wedding Bits & Bobs

One of the reasons you may have chosen us as your venue is the creative, natural, rustic vibe! You will have lots of pleasure in designing and creating the decor and details for the barns. Your DIY makes will now be in full swing and your kitchens will perhaps look like a scene from Downton Abbey’s sewing room. It’s all good fun and we can’t wait to see your creations.

1 week to go…

Last Minute Tasks

How many you have will perhaps depend on how organised you have been. Other little tasks you can’t often do until the last minute anyway. If you are buying flowers as gifts for family and friends it will be worth ordering these now and collecting the day before. You may also want to treat your other half to a little something to give to them on the morning of the wedding. Packing a bridal emergency kit might also be useful, with such things as – scissors (you can never find any when you need some), mini sewing kit, pain killers (for sore heads the morning after) and all those little things that you think might come in handy when decorating the barns. 

Collect your Dress

Your boutique will advice you on when your dress will be ready for collection, but it will be anytime between now and a couple of days before.

Break in your Wedding Shoes

You’ll thank us for this tip later! (you may also want to bring some extra comfy dancing shoes and perhaps some wellies in some seasons to get you down to the lake).

Brief your Wedding Party on their Roles

You will by now have figured out who you need where and when! So you should let them know when you would like them to arrive to help you with barns, if they need to collect anything before the big day and what will be expected of them on the actual day! If you have got to reading this far you have most probably by now set up several whatsapp groups, facebook chats and meetings over wine.


There has been a lot to do, alot to pay for and alot to think about.

Don’t let all the plans and stress distract you from why you are doing this in the first place. You are here to marry the person you love, that would be the same with or without stripey paper straws and umbrellas in your cocktails, the ultimate garden jenga and coordinated bridesmaids.

So take some time; for you two. Relax and enjoy these last few days as much as you can. It’s taken perhaps 2 years in the making – now don’t let it go by in a flash and remember to appreciate all those little moments. 

1 day to go…


The time has finally come – the car is fully loaded with all your plans and preparations. It’s time to check in; you can arrive from 5pm, unload the car into the house. Play some music, have a couple of drinks and enjoy the time with friends and family, perhaps finish the day with some treatments at the spa (at least you don’t have to worry if you chip a nail).

Have a Meeting with your Wedding Coordinator

Your Wedding Coordinator will schedule in a meeting with you both the day before. You will be able to tell us all your final plans and running of the day. We are here to make it perfect and that we will do. If there is anything you are unsure about or need help with the day before just shout!

On the day…

Let's Get Ready

It’s time to get ready –  the barns will now be dressed by our wedding team, you are relaxed knowing you are in safe hands, now it is time for hair, makeup and getting ready. We usually suggest to be ready and dressed in your dresses and suits for an hour before the time of your ceremony. This then allows you time to have a little relax with your bridal party and also meet with the registrars around 20 minutes before you set off for the aisle. Ensure all your bags are packed before you set off for the aisle, ready to spend the night in our honeymoon suite (don’t worry our team will move your bags)

IT IS TIME - Let's Get Married!

WOW! So it is finally that moment, that very moment you having been planning so much for. You will feel anxious, worried, excited and  emotional (probably every emotion simultaneously) Your wedding coordinator will get everyone in position and then guide you to take your steps down the aisle. You will say your vows and horaah! you will be MARRIED!

Thank you, the day after & beyond

We hope you have a wonderful wedding day and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing us as your venue.

We hope your connection to Wyresdale Park doesn’t end here and we stay in your hearts forever. We welcome you back anytime – please do pop in and say hello whenever you are passing. Until then and in the meantime; wherever you are at on your wedding journey, we are just a phone call or email away so do let us know if you have any queries – no question too big, no question too small. Much love team WP x