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The Florist

Bluebells and Daisies

our onsite florist 

We are very fortunate to have our florist residing right here within the park. Nestled on Sheep Street just to the left of the wedding barns, Gemma is on hand to make all your botanical dreams come true. 

Flowers & Foliage

Our work isn’t influenced by trends or what’s going on in the world of mass market florists: if it looks good and it’s something you love then we will go with it. We find inspiration for our designs in everyday life. Our notebook is bursting with new ideas that may have been inspired by something seen on a simple walk or from a colour that has exploded into floral creation!

We specialise in creating rustic and whimsical British floral blooms for weddings providing our clients with a bespoke service.


Be your own Creative

From full venue decoration (this can be floral installations and beyond) to simply providing you with bucket loads of fresh blooms for you to create your own bouquets. We will work with you to achieve your dream wedding florals. Look out for our workshops where you can come along with friends and family and enjoy learning new techniques. 

I can’t thank Gemma enough for all the ideas, help and support she gave me in the planning of our wedding. I could not have done it without her. She made the barn look fabulous, decorated just the way I imagined it would look…

Michelle, July 2015

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